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Buddy Skate 2006 - 2007

Buddy Skate 2006 - 2007

Rebel players and parents, you are the best !!!! The 06-07 Buddy Skate was the best so far. Over 25 students from the Genesis School came to the 06-07 Buddy Skate and were not disappointed. 65 Rebel players from teams ranging Mite to Juniors attended the skate to help the kids skate and have a great safe time. The students all had a great time. Thanks to all the players for not only taking the time to make a difference but to really caring, and it showed. From tying skates to just helping kids skate, you were great. There are so many parents to thank I would not know where to begin, on behalf of the students and their families... thank-you. There were many special moments with new friends made, we all got more than we could ever give.

The cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and so much more were endless.

Our thanks go out to the students and staff of the Genesis School for Autistic Children for giving us this opportunity to work with them, the Dix Hills Ice Rink for their sponsorship, Jerry Sullivan for allowing us to carry on this event for the fourth year and to our Rebel family for always caring. Special thanks to Mr. Puglia for supplying all the soda and juices.

A huge thanks to Jolynn Sapia & Erin Sparacio for arranging and directing the event. Also thanks to Mark Sparacio for lending his talents and creating the Rebel / Autism Ribbon.

A complete list of those that attended is below the group photo.

Buddy Skate 2006 - 2007

Please e-mail me the names that I missed and they will be added:

Brandon Pachman Matt Cunningham Tyler Hall Tyler Rifice Seth Pachman Rich Righi Jeremy Puglia Paul Sapia
Corinne Traux Blaise Davi Ryan Hellen RyanWolsiefer Mike Layton Andrew Collins Jason Savino Mike Lukenovich
Michael Fariino Keith O'Brien Zach Paulson Chris Calandra Chris Zaverdas Thomas McGuire Andy Fuchs Nick Rossi
Timmy Zittel Brandon Roy Travis Mellilo Trevor VonKampen William Krause Russell Seward Ryan Seall Jamie Rifice
Rocco DiCostanzo Justin Tesoriero Tony Dicostanzo Ben Sorkin Chris Wiesbrod Anthony Chiantella Zach Hendrickson
Tom Russomanto Travis Schwartz Matt Goldberg Pat Martin Sean Zerillo
Kyle Buser Kyle Truax Jake Bichko James Murphy Tyler Mannino
Nicholas Saccone Andy Purnick Dan O'Donohjue Anthony Sellitti
Andrew Fine Dylan Porcetto John Layton Frank Etrasco
Robert Bottoni Corey Twining Chris Cangro Mike Post
Ricky Bischoff Ryan McDade Justin Sparacio
Jared Paulson Michael Keenan Marc Capobianco
Steve Sadowsky  James kelly
Chris Kossowsky
Sean Collins
Ryan Seward
Dan Healy

The Bantam Minor team had an away game in Conn. and were unable to attend. Thanks to the parents for your food donations.
Special thanks to the following:

  • Jerry Sullivan, Rich Righi and all the Coaches that attended.
  • Matt Naples & Staff (Dix Hills Rink)
  • Erin Sparacio & Jolynn Sapia who co-directed the event and so many others that helped.....
  • Rebel Parents - there are so so many (For all the great baked goods and refreshments)
  • Rebel Alumni - Frank Cassano and family.
  • Rebel Player Brothers and Sisters.




Rebel Buddy Skate 2006-2007

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