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Buddy Skate 2004 - 2005

On December 31st the Long Island Rebels hosted the Genesis School for Autistic Children for a holiday party that included ice skating & refreshments. Rebel players, parents, and staff volunteered to help the students Autism Ribbonhave a safe time on and off the ice.

This year the students families were invited to also participate in the skating session. "It was easy taking pictures because their smiles light up the place" said a parent. The smiles were big on and off the ice as many parents got to watch while the students were assisted ice skating by Rebel players.

The Rebels would like to thank the Genesis School for allowing us the opportunity to spend time with them. We had as much fun as the kids.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Jerry Sullivan
  • Matt Naples & Staff (Dix Hills Rink)
  • Erin Sparacio & Sandy Cassano and so many others that helped.....
  • Rebel Parents - there are so many (For all the great baked goods and refreshments)

complete list of participants:

Paul Britt Seth Pachman Scott Brennan Scott Haeseker
Travis Schwartz Nick Logo Louis Strecker Justin Sparacio
Anthony DiCostanzo Salvatore Caluagna Matt Miano Jesse Sahli
Ryan Hellen Julien Trupin Joe Andriano Ricky Seward
Tyler Johnson Brian Heyman Benny Ciliotta Ryan Seward
Jonah Kann Alex Purnick Brandon Ciliotta Mike Johnston
  Chris Laverdas Danny O'Donoghue Lukas Ratz
  Dylan Mangano Anthony Chiantella James Harnage
  Evan Adamo Johnny Layton Justin Mangano
  Kenny Omlinson Russell Seward Frank Etrasco
  Dylan Porcello Greg Cartwright Sean Collins
  Julien Kann Jason Savino Michael Post
  Ryan Liliotta James Murphy Brian Gallagher
    Andy Fuchs Frank Cassano
    Patrick Martin Paul Sapia
    James Hollowell Carl Belgiorno
    Chris Cangro Ryan Robertson
    Mike Keenan Matt Scavetta
    Timmy Genova Sean Zerillo
    Chris Cangro Alex Kossowsky
    Mike Keenan Chris Kossowsky

If I left off anyone please let me know...........
Thanks to all
John Zerillo

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