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Buddy Skate 2003 - 2004

Knowing - Caring

On December 28th 2004 the Long Island Rebels and the Dix Hills Ice Rink hosted students and staff from the Genesis School for Autistic Children. Rebel players and coaches volunteered their time to help 13 children with special needs feel safe and confident while ice skating.

A great time was had by all. Some staff members from the school were given a much-deserved break to skate on their own, while over 30 of our team members from the Squirt, Pee-Wee, Bantam, and Midget levels assisted the students on the ice. Autism Ribbon While the staff was grateful, the children skated with huge smiles. The hockey players also had a great time, and many of the younger players stepped up to the opportunity and challenge of doing a service to their community and their peers. They exchanged sneakers for skates, laced them up, and even took them off and laced new ones on when they noticed that the skates were too big.

The players skated two to a student, often one on each side. It was a great opportunity for not only the players and students individually, but also for everyone to socialize. Players and parents met each other from different levels of the organization.

Our thanks go out to the students and staff of the Genesis School for Autistic Children for giving us this opportunity to work with them, the Dix Hills Ice Rink for their sponsorship, and the players and their parents and coaches for making this a memorable and fun event.

Full list of participants:

Chris Zaverdas Anthony Chiantella Matt Miano Sean Zerillo
Michael Andolena David Kampa Joe Andriano Frank Etrasco
Seth Pachman Max Schmarwyler   Justin Sparacio
Matt Goldberg Mike Boland   Ricky Napoli
Jared Paulson Louis Strecker   Jon Klepach
Brett Kaiser Adam Pruzan   Brian Rosolie
Dylan Porcello Matt Votta   Mike Dzwil
Corey Twining Joe DeVito   Paul Sapia
Peter Harrington Patrick Martin    
Billy Krause DJ Ryan    

If I left off anyone please let me know...........
Thanks to all
John Zerillo

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